8888677771 | Boney Kapoor Addresses Reports Claiming Janhvi Was Born Out Of Wedlock

: Sridevi, Boney and child Janhvi. (Courtesy: BoneyKapoor)

New Delhi:

Film producer Boney Kapoor has opened up about his marriage with superstar Sridevi. The 67-year-old exchanged vows with Sridevi in June 1996 and had kept the relationship under wraps for months. The couple, in January 1997, decided to make it official after Sridevi’s baby bump was visible. It was his second marriage. Earlier, Boney Kapoor was married to the late Mona Kapoor (more on that later). Now, in an interview with The New Indian, Boney Kapoor has opened up about his relationship with Sridevi. He has also refuted the reports which claimed that their daughter Janhvi Kapoor was born out of wedlock. 

He said, “My marriage with Sri [took place] on June 2, 1996, we exchanged vows. We spent the night there and it was only in January, her pregnancy was seen that we had no choice but to make it public. For the public, we were married only in January 1997, that is the reason why some people still write that she [Janhvi Kapoor] was born before marriage and something like that.” 

Boney Kapoor was first married to film producer Mona Shourie. He has two children from his first marriage — actor Arjun Kapoor, and Anshula Kapoor. Mona Kapoor died in March 2012 due to multiple organ failure. She was battling cancer. 

From his second marriage to actress Sridevi, Boney Kapoor has two daughters, actress Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor, who was born in 2000. 

Sridevi died in her hotel room in Dubai due to accidental drowning, on February 24, 2018. 

During the same interview, Boney Kapoor also opened up on his wife Sridevi’s tragic demise. He mentioned how Sridevi used to experience blackouts due to her no-salt diet. 

Boney Kapoor said, “Our family physician always used to tell Sri [Sridevi] whenever you diet, because whenever she used to start a new film, she used to want to look good because the fact is what you are in real life, on–screen especially for cinemascope you will look broader. She wanted to make sure that she is chiselled, in good shape so that on screen she also looks like it.”

“Since the time she was married to me, she has had blackouts on a couple of occasions. The doctor kept on telling her that you have a low bp issue, don’t stick to a severe diet where you avoid salt. Because most of the females believe that salt creates water retention that’s why your face is puffy. That  is one reason why Sri [Sridevi] used to avoid salt. We used to tell her that even if you are having some salad, just sprinkle some salt on it,” he added. 

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