8888677771 | Personal Insights: Akshata Murty ‘gatecrashes’ UK PM Rishi Sunak’s speech, shares personal insights

NEW DELHI: British prime minister Rishi Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murty, made a surprise appearance at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, just moments ahead of her husband’s speech.
43-year-old Murty, daughter of Infosys co-founder Narayan Murthy, revealed that Sunak was unaware of her “gate-crashing” his speech as the warm-up act. She humorously mentioned that their daughters, Krishna and Anoushka, were also taken aback by her decision.
Marking her debut on the political stage, Murty shared personal insights during her light-hearted speech before introducing her husband.
Murty reflected on their relationship, which began when they met as students at Stanford University in their 20s. She highlighted Sunak’s deep love for the United Kingdom and his sincere desire to create opportunities for others, qualities that initially attracted her to him.
She described them as each other’s best friends, emphasizing their unity and commitment.
Murty commended Sunak’s strength of character, honesty, and integrity, noting that these qualities have remained constant even after 14 years of marriage.
The one word that encapsulated Sunak for Murty was “aspiration,” driving his dedication to a better future for the UK.
In a lighter moment, Murty confirmed Sunak’s preference for romantic comedies and described him as “fun, thoughtful, and compassionate.” She praised his commitment to doing the right thing for the long term, even when faced with challenges.
Sunak, visibly moved by his wife’s speech, later declared that Murty was his “best long-term decision for a brighter future.”
In his own address, Sunak highlighted the importance of making decisions based on long-term vision and pledged to end the High Speed-2 (HS2) railway project, redirecting the funds to other transport projects.
The unexpected appearance of Akshata Murty provided a personal touch to the Conservative Party conference and showcased the support she has for her husband’s leadership.

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