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A woman, who worked at Google as a recruiting manager for more than 12 years, was laid off in September while she was on maternity leave. Nichole Foley took to LinkedIn to share the news of her layoff from the tech giant and said it left her “heartbroken and devastated”.

“After 12.5 years at Google, I unfortunately was impacted while on maternity leave by the Google recruiting layoffs that happened last Wednesday. I am heartbroken & devastated to say the least, especially while on leave with a 10 week old,” she wrote.

Foley said she would however be grateful for her time at Google and the “amazing people” she worked with who she calls her “friends and family”.

“I am having a hard time wrapping my head around what is next or how I am going to interview & work elsewhere at this moment, but I know that things will work out, and I am excited to see what is next,” she further wrote.

“Can they legally lay you off while you are on leave?” a user commented. “So sorry to hear this Nichole. You were absolutely instrumental in getting me into Google. Happy to spread the word for you,” said another.

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“I was laid off from Google in the January rounds – three days after I came back from bereavement for my Mom’s passing. It felt immensely cruel, to both me and others: employees who’d gone on leave for dying relatives, or had taken maternity leave, or were about to take maternity leave. Google doing so repeatedly speaks to a lack of ethics or morality on the part of the organization, and a surplus of cruelty,” another person wrote while sharing his experience.

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In another LinkedIn post, Foley said while searching for a new job, she experienced a “rude awakening”.
She wrote how for over a decade, she was “fortunate enough to have existed in this primary coloured rainbow many of us call Google—a place one can show up everyday and work as their utterly authentic self”.

She described it as not hiding who she was and what she stands for. She said she along with her partner, Annie Panos, have created a “beautiful family”, which includes their two “beautiful daughters”. “It never dawned on me that me being myself—a lesbian and a woman—might not be entirely acceptable elsewhere,” she said.

She said she has come across roles that partner with countries that are unacceptable of same-sex marriage or unaccepting of same-sex couples having or adopting children. She said she won’t backtrack and “live in a closet again”.

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