‘A systematic design to destroy marriage’: Allahabad HC slams concept of live-in | India News

PRAYAGRAJ: The security and stability that the institution of marriage promises cannot be expected in a live-in relationship, the Allahabad high court has said while granting bail to a young man from UP’s Saharanpur accused of rape by his live-in partner.
“There is systematic design to destroy the institution of marriage in India…The brutish concept of changing partners every season cannot be considered to be a hallmark of a stable and healthy society,” Justice Siddharth said.
The court made the observations in the context of the case involving the Saharanpur youth and his 19-year-old live-in partner, who became pregnant after an apparently consensual relationship. She filed a rape case against the man at Deoband police station after he allegedly reneged on his promise to marry her.The accused was arrested on April 18.
“Live-in relationship shall only be considered normal after the institution of marriage becomes obsolete in this country, like in many of the so-called developed countries where it has become a big problem for them to protect the institution of marriage,” Justice Siddharth said.

Expressing concern over a similar trend in India “proceeding to create a great problem for us in future”, the judge said infidelity in both marriage and live-in relationships were being projected as “signs of a progressive society”.

“The youth get attracted to such a philosophy, being unaware of the long-term consequences.”

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