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NEW DELHI: A 22-year-old woman was called to a park by an obsessed cousin and bludgeoned to death in south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar Friday noon.

Nargis, a graduate from Kamla Nehru College, was taking typing lessons at a coaching institute near Aurobindo College and had just come out of her class when Irfan (28) approached her. He asked Nargis to marry him and when she refused, he attacked her with a rod and smashed her head.
The rod, 1.5 feet long, had a sharp edge and penetrated her head. Nargis bled excessively and was dead when she was found around 12pm. Even as a manhunt was on, Irfan walked to a police station and surrendered, sources said.

Malviya Nagar murder accused carried out recce for 2-3 days: Cops
A rejected wedding proposal, snapping of all communication by his cousin Nargis whom he wanted to marry and the roka ceremony of his younger brother culminated in her murder, police said. The accused, Irfan, planned the murder days in advance, they added.
Police said they received information around 12.08pm that a man had attacked a woman near a bench at Vijay Mandal Park and fled. A police team found the woman lying next to the bench with an iron rod and a bag next to her. Blood was oozing out from her head. She was identified as Nargis, a BA Hons (Hindi) graduate. They identified Irfan from CCTV footage gathered from the area.
Deputy commissioner of police Chandan Chowdhary said, “The mothers of the victim and accused are sisters. The victim’s family had turned down the proposal for their marriage and the girl had stopped talking to him. He was disturbed due to this. The victim had completed her graduation this year and had enrolled for steno coaching in Malviya Nagar.”
Irfan reportedly told the police that their marriage was being discussed for the past couple of years but recently, the girl and her family changed their mind as he had no steady job and was working as a delivery boy with a food delivery platform. “Family members of the girl told us that they had refused to agree to the wedding as he was not doing well financially and wasn’t educated either,” said an investigator.
“Irfan had planned the murder and at the beginning of the week had carried out a recce for 2-3 days to see the route she used to take after her stenography classes,” the official said. “On Friday, Irfan left for work around 9am and was aware that the girl’s classes would be over by 11.30am. That’s when he accosted her and told her he wanted to speak to her and took her to the park.” A fight broke out and he hit her on the head with the iron rod and fled.
Police said the girl had stopped responding to Irfan on WhatsApp and over text messages. He was also upset as his younger brother’s roka ceremony had been done but despite being 28 he was remained unmarried.
At the mortuary, Nargis’s father Suntaj Khan, brother Arif and other family members were distraught. The brother of the victim said the family had refused to go ahead with the marriage about a year back and there had been no communication for three months. “Now, who will send their daughters out to study after such an incident? My sister was still studying and that is why we were against the marriage. How can a family just marry off their child without thinking about her wellbeing? The whole thing is a conspiracy and even the mother of the accused is involved in this,” said Arif.


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